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RCM-SAR Station 14 is located at the Gibsons Landing Harbour Government Dock in Gibsons B.C. Established in 1977 the marine search and rescue service is manned by volunteers recruited from the community. We provide SAR coverage as part of a west coast marine rescue service in Howe Sound and the Georgia Straits. Crew members commit to standing 12 hour shifts as their family and work commitments allow. New recruits are provided with training and personal safety equipment when they join.

The Gibsons Marine Rescue Society (GMRS), in support of RCM-SAR Station 14, is responsible for raising the funds necessary to operate RCM-SAR Station 14. GMRS is a registered charitable organization in Canada #81033 7311 RR0001, and all donations are tax-deductible. For every dollar raised by GMRS, a full dollar goes to purchasing and maintaining our search and rescue equipment. There are no paid employees at Station 14. All equipment, including our boats, are purchased by funds raised through public donation. There are no administration fees and no hidden costs. (Some operating costs, such as the cost of fuel and insurance, are reimbursed by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on a per- incident basis when we are called out to help you.)

The new Falkins Class Type I

The GRMS is currently fundraising for the acquisition of our new Falkins Class Type I Fast Response Vessel scheduled for delivery in 2015. Our current vessel, a Titan 249 XL T Top which was acquired 10 years ago is approaching the end of its operational service life. It would require an extensive refit to remain in service and it doesn´t meet the new Operational and Crew Safety Standards set out by RCM-SAR. After designing the cabin-style Falkins Class Type II jet boat, the RCM-SAR management team set out to design a standardized outboard-powered RHIB vessel (the Falkins Class Type I) that will serve as the backbone of the fleet going forward. This vessel design is now complete and the first vessel was built in 2013. While it incorporates the proven and reliable performance of our existing RHIBs, it also incorporates leading-edge rescue craft design in a shock-mitigating platform whereby the entire crew station will move on a shock-absorbent platform. This is a significant safety improvement and will provide not only improved crew comfort but significant improvement in safety and reduced fatigue. Again, this is a first in rescue vessel technology for Canada.

Please visit our donation page if you would like to help us in the acquisition of this new vessel.

Want to Help Save Lives

There are many ways you can help and new community minded volunteers are always welcome. You can help by joining the Station as a SAR Crew and be on the front line or if being part of the on-water crews is not for you, we are always in need of administrative and boat maintenance support. If that doesnt float your Boat, you can help by joining the Society and raising the funds required for the Station operations and the acquisition and maintenance of all SAR equipment including our Dedicated Fast Response Rescue Vessel. If volunteering is not for you but would still like to help in our Life Saving effort, you can do so by donating to the Society. All donations are tax deductible as the Gibsons Marine Rescue Society (GMRS) is a registered charitable organization in Canada #81033 7311 RR0001.
For more information on how you can help, please visit our Help Save Lives or Contact Us page.


In order of preference.
  1. If a VHF radio is available call MCTS (Coast Guard radio) on Channel 16.
  2. Contact MCTS (Coast Guard radio) via cell phone *16. (Make sure the cell phone is not forwarded elsewhere.)
  3. Contact JRCC using *727 or call 911 as last resort alternatives.

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